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Sunday Service 10:30 am
1927 North Carson Street
Carson City, NV 89701

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Welcome Home

Center for Spiritual Living - Carson City - provides spiritual tools to transform our personal lives and help make the world a better place.

Are you feeling a quickening, a sense that things are moving powerfully toward a future we have only dreamed about previously? Are you sensing an excitement about our times, our people, our world? Are you looking for ways to participate in this evolution of human consciousness with others who share your vision?

At Center for Spiritual Living - Carson City, you will experience a like-minded community, a spiritual home, where you can express what is deepest, highest and most authentic about yourself: peace, joy, power, love, truth, wisdom and beauty - a place where you can so live in a personal relationship with God that it manifests elegantly in your world!

Our MinisterWe are delighted your spiritual journey has brought you here. We want you to know that whoever you are and wherever you are on your spiritual path - you are welcome. Our community is dedicated to the unfoldment of your inner purpose. Our classes, music, messages and service opportunities are all designed to support the revealing of your own unique Self. We extend a warm invitation to all people in search of a spiritual community where they are embraced, affirmed and accepted for who they are, as well as inspired and supported to grow into their highest potential. We hope you enjoy our website and find it a valuable resource, please let us know what we can do to further assist your journey. Welcome Home.


About our community: 

We are people with a passion for living! We are individuals who insist on having a personal experience of the presence of God in our lives! We are men, women and children who own our values and our choices. We are seekers of Truth, builders of bridges and committed to our own transformation!

We dare. We risk. We change. We work and play. We laugh and cry. We love and heal. We worship and praise. We support, encourage and nurture each other. We have fun. We make mistakes. We learn from them. We eat. We pray. We sing. We dance. We hug (a lot)!

We do these things because we believe:

  • The creative power (God) is absolutely everywhere present at all times and in all manifestations equally with no exceptions.
  • God is manifesting through us at the level of our current understanding, and that is perfect regardless of our opinion.
  • The Universe is a safe place in which to experiment with different ways of being.
  • We are here to delight (not bore) God!

We got to be this way because of the collective consciousness of every one of us. As more people come, we subtly shift to incorporate the new awarenesses. In this way, our Center for Spiritual Living reflects all of our energies together and the Light God is in our lives!

We envision a community, a whole life center of many facets devoted to revealing the divinity of all that is and the experience of joyous transformation by everyone who participates. We see this manifesting in these ways:

  • A holistic health care program including representation and practice of healing methods, and continued research and exploration of optimum physical expression.
  • An educational program for all ages focusing on creative thinking, values development and spiritual unfoldment.
  • A resource program with books, audio files, DVDs and an ongoing reference system for personal coaches in different life circumstances.
  • A family and community program for healthy relationships including nurturing and crisis support.
  • An activity program for social, environmental and political consciousness of excellence.
  • A financial program of various enterprises which further our values in funding our own projects and contributing to a greater abundance for all.
  • A ritual and celebration program drawing from the best of all spiritual disciplines practiced throughout history.
  • A communications program for networking with other communities in order to share the larger good.
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Our Service on Sunday
Spiritual Practices
07 Sep (10:00am)
Explore the many ways to practice the Presence! Each week one of our practitioners will lead us in a meditation, visioning, chant or other celebration of the Presence of God, within and 'round about us! Held in the Sanctuary just before the Sunday Service.


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Upcoming Services
Spiritual Practices
07 Sep (10:00am)

Upcoming Events
C.O.R.E. Council
Sep 08 (3:00pm)
Takin' care of bizness!

Oct 31 (ALL DAY)
"...the veil is thin!" Ernest Holmes

Nov 27 (ALL DAY)
"In everything, give thanks!" Paul

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Laura&CraigWe’re forever grateful for this teaching – It has given us the substance with which to live in our Truth, to create music and bring healing to ourselves and the world vbc.

- Craig & Laura Berman Benelli

Isa Greenberg I am constantly amazed and inspired by the abundance of love present and the lives that are being lived by my center's members and leaders! Due to these teachings I live every day to the fullest, giving thanks for the light and consciousness that has been passed along to me!
- Isa Greenberg

Jay Poindexter I live, move, breathe and have my being in a universe that works for me. This teaching helps me remember to keep this awareness, this consciousness, at the front of my thinking.
- Jay Poindexter

Frankie Timmers My life went from black & white to color when I stepped into the spiritual world of International Centers for Spiritual Living. The color has become more and more vibrant inside and out and I feel profoundly blessed. Life is Brilliant!
- Frankie Timmers

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