Center for Spiritual Living Carson City
1927 North Carson Street
Carson City, NV 89701
10:30 - Celebration


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Spirit at Work-Final

Welcome to the Center for Spiritual Living Carson City!

We promote global transformation through personal transformation. We teach personal spiritual practices that facilitate personal empowerment and allow you to explore the divinity within you.

Think about a spiritual place you’d like to visit that welcomes people of all ages, races, religions, sexual orientations and social backgrounds in dignity and love.

Imagine a place that communicates and celebrates the positive aspects of humankind, the world around us, and our relationship to the Power Within.

What would it be like to be part of a spiritual community that provides tangible steps and programs for individuals and families to improve their lives immediately? A place that is alive and exciting on Sundays – one that leaves you feeling wonderful and optimistic?

If you are in search of a place where you are respected and accepted for who you are, and if you want inspiration and support to grow to your highest potential – look no further. You’ve found your spiritual home and it’s waiting for you.

In 2014 we are exploring different attributes of Spirit, one per month, by reading and discussing a different book each month. For the month of September, join us for a deep dive into “Real Moments”, by Barbara DeAngelis. October invites us to explore giving as a sacred art, with “Giving-the Sacred Art” by Lauren Tyler Wright. In November we explore the spiritual attribute of abundance with “The Gifts of Imperfection” by Brenne Brown, and we cap off the year with clarity, looking into “Ten Ideas that Make a Difference,” by Ernest Holmes and Willis Kennear.

Please accept our invitation to visit us soon!

  • The Center has changed my life! ~JB
  • I love the community. Like minded people have changed my thinking about the world around me. ~CH
  • It’s a great bunch of people and I am really seeing life differently now. ~DS



The Search for Real Moments, Rev. Karen Linsley

September 7, 2014

Living in the Real Moment, Rev. Karen Linsley

September 14, 2014

Rev. Aren Raynes speaks to real moments and relationships

September 21, 2014

Rev. Gregory Toole

September 28, 2014


Meditation and discussion group
Weekly, Mondays, 5:30 PM;

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